Having the Right Mentor Can Help

When you ask yourself where you want to be, are you there? If you’re honest, you probably think of all the places you’ve never been, the things you have never tried, the ideas you have never brought into reality.

Coaching and Accountability may be an ideal investment to empower you to make life changes and provide you with the tools and techniques necessary for greater success in every area of your life. You might lack direction sometimes, and personal coaching can help you rediscover your goals and dreams and bring them to fruition in a more strategic and timely manner.

The right coach with the right tools will also help you adjust your mindset and give you a fresh perspective. We live in busy times, and you may need someone to make you more aware of your habits and avenues in life and challenge you to take action in a more positive direction.

My Coaching and Accountability style is totally customizable to fit your busy schedule. I believe that the best teachers in life show you where to look but don't tell you what to see. Find your passion and purpose in life and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Coaching & Accountability

Personal Coaching Options

Personal Coaching sessions can be scheduled in person but are usually done via ZOOM call or Facebook Video Chat for easy and convenient access for those of you who are not in the Kansas City Area.



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Personal Strategy

90 Day

$367 / mo
(6 Sessions)
One on One

6 Month

$332 / mo 
(12 Sessions)
One on One

12 Month

$298 / mo
(24 Sessions)
One on One


Total Personal Development Library

90 Day Mental Fitness Challenge INCLUDED!
(Coaching Option is available but not included)
The Total Personal Development subscription is for individuals looking to reach greater levels of success and satisfaction in their personal and professional lives. Each component is designed to foster growth in areas such as leadership, personal finance, relationships, and more.  And the 90 Day Mental Fitness Challenge is included.  You can still buy the physical MFC program with the books and cd's but because everything is digital now, we can offer it here as well with easy access straight from your Smartphone.

Yes You Get Everything !


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• eBooks
• Leadership Platform
• Audio Books
• Life Library
• Public Speaking 
• Language Learning
• Financial Literacy
• Entrepreneurship
• Sales Training
• Goal Setting
• Systems Thinking
• Mental Fitness Challenge

From Purpose to Legacy in 90 Days!

and so much more!

    $60 /mo

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Tailored to your specific goals and dreams, you can
select and customize your personal game plan with tools
that are designed to deliver life changing information.

Are You Ready?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Coaching & Accountability work?

We strongly recommend beginning with the 90 Day Mental Fitness Challenge which focuses on 13 specific areas that will take you from Purpose to Legacy in record time with the option to continue coaching with a 6 or 12 month personal coaching agreement using the SMART Goals and GROW Model Process. YOU will never be the same!

Can I just purchase the 90 Day Mental Fitness Challenge without the Coaching?

Absolutely! You can buy it once and use it for a lifetime or hop on the monthly Total Personal Development subscription and use it as long as you remain active. I personally go through the modules at least once a year. One time, I went through them after going through a very stressful situation and the course helped me bounce back super fast. It is amazing how unshakable I've become.

What are the Primary Areas of Focus?

Purpose, Character, Attitude, Vision, Goals, Finances, Leadership, People Skills, Public Speaking, Systems Thinking, Adversity Quotient (AQ) & Legacy with a customized strategy based on your Goals and Dreams. 

What's Included in the Mental Fitness Challenge?

* Personal Strategy Session
* 90 Day MFC Program & Materials
* 3 Books, 17 Videos, 16 CDs 
* Challenge Partner Invitation
* 360-degree (720) feedback 
* Goal Setting Worksheets (SMART)
* Daily, Monthly & Yearly Tracking 
* Accountability Partners System
* Certificate of Completion
* Customized Blueprint for Success
* Personal Coaching
* Accountability

Smartphone app (NOW AVAILABLE) 

What type of Guarantee do You Provide?

All Products & Services have a
100% Money Back Guarantee
(on any prepaid investment amount) if requested within the first 30 days. 

What is the Abundant Lifestyle Formula?

The Abundant Lifestyle Formula (ALF 2.0) is the exact cycle and stages that I personally focus on to gain Quantum Leaps in my own personal Success.  It works for anyone in any industry, position or business for both personal and professional achievements, creating a POWERFUL HIGH PERFORMANCE Strategy. 

What other Services do you Offer?

* One on One Coaching
* Mastermind Zoom Calls
* Public & Private Facebook Groups
* Personal Development Products
* Professional Development Products
* Financial Development Products
* Discount Savings Super App
* FREE Training and e-Books
* Monthly Subscription Options
* Digital Marketing Library
* Online Business Opportunities
* Mentor the Mentors Training
* Assessments with 360/720 Feedback
* Abundant Lifestyle Formula

Abundant Lifestyle Formula

I want to see more people succeed in every area of their life and this formula is one of the keys to becoming unstoppable, unshakable and NEVER out of the game.  It has a proven track record of transforming lives AND bank accounts! 

🔹️ Dream - Bigger Dreams (Better Life, Car, House,  Vacation, Money, Helping Others?)
🔹️ Mindset - Develop a Healthier Mindset (Positive & Optimistic)
🔹️ Vision - Clarify your Dream (with Stronger Images & Emotions)
🔹️ Self-Image - Self-talk & Personal Belief (Conceive, Believe, Achieve)
🔹️ Habits - Minimize Obstacles & get Super Focused on your Goals.
🔹️ Action - Take Massive Action Toward your Vision
🔹️ Results - RINSE & REPEAT the Above Stages

🔥 Abundance Increases



Kansas City Metro & Surrounding Areas (Kansas & Missouri)

Make it Happen!

This is your personal invitation to take control of your life and start living life with a real purpose.  As a Certified Life Coach, it is my passion to inspire you to take an honest look at what you really want out of life and introduce you to a new way of thinking that will help you grow in ways you never thought possible.

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