A.L.F. 2.0

The Abundant Lifestyle Formula is the exact cycle and stages that I personally focus on to gain Quantum Leaps in my own personal Success.

It works for anyone in any industry, position or business for both personal and professional achievements, creating a POWERFUL HIGH PERFORMANCE Strategy.

 đŸ”Ĩ Abundance flows all the time. It's either flowing around us or through us.

I want to see more people succeed in every area of their life and this formula is one of the keys to becoming unstoppable, unshakable and NEVER out of the game. It has a proven track record of transforming lives AND bank accounts! 

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Focus on these specific areas in this exact order and you will begin to see the abundance in your life increase.

Abundant Lifestyle Stages

🔹ī¸ Dream - Bigger Dreams (Better Life, Car, House, Vacation, Money, Helping Others?)
🔹ī¸ Mindset - Develop a Healthier Mindset (Positive & Optimistic)
🔹ī¸ Vision - Clarify your Dream (with Stronger Images & Emotions)
🔹ī¸ Self-Image - Self-talk & Personal Belief (Conceive, Believe, Achieve)
🔹ī¸ Habits - Minimize Obstacles & get Super Focused on your Goals.
🔹ī¸ Action - Take Massive Action Toward your Vision
🔹ī¸ Results - RINSE & REPEAT the Above Stages

đŸ”Ĩ Abundance Increases

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Watch this Video

For an inside look at the Abundant Lifestyle Formula from the mind of the Creator and Mastermind himself, Todd Gordon.

This video was made in 2020 during the Covid-19 Quarantine.

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